About Us

Welcome to York XL. 


York XL brings people together to imagine and then passionately create empowered neighborhoods.



We see empowered neighborhoods that are healthy, resilient, and self-sustaining.

We all succeed when people see in their neighborhood, a pathway to a successful, comfortable and happy life, where they:

  • know how to advocate for themselves
  • unite to improve their own neighborhoods
  • possess gainful employment and financial savviness to build wealth
  • enrich their life through affordable recreation
  • live in healthy, safe, and beautiful spaces
  • choose between many exceptional educational options



We build trust in York neighborhoods by searching out and supporting community solutions that match peoples' interests and priorities. Then, we invite others to nurture trusting relationships alongside us by:

  1. Creating opportunities for others to build trust (e.g., EPIC Market, Spanish Primers.)
  1. Bringing us all together to work from the same plan (e.g., The York XL Theory of Change.)
  1. Painting an understandable picture of people’s strengths and passions to challenge us all to source community solutions (e.g., surveys, GIS, Story Maps.)
  2. Nurturing neighborhoods as creative spaces where people see pathways to successful lives (e.g., platforms, broad social networks)