Earn. Learn, Inspire.

Learn how to make and save money while you EARN and SAVE MONEY.


Students will complete fundraisers individually each quarter and as teams twice per year:

 - 15% of individual profit goes to student as spending money. 15% of group profit is divided between the group members.

 - 40% of individual profit is deposited as saving. 40% of group profit is divided between the group members and deposited as savings. Students receive their savings when they graduate from High School. 

 - The remainder will go to projects that improve the student's neighborhood.


Creating long-term wealth is not a single action. It is a process that takes knowledge, practice, and persistence. 

As a Wealth Builder, students will learn:

 - different ways people earn money;

 - way s to save and invest money;

 - how to tell a compelling story that will convince people to buy from you;

 - ways to build up the skills you need to be successful.


Wealth Builder successes will inspire others to start building wealth.

But most importantly, Wealth Builders will create lasting changes to their neighborhoods. The will learn how to determine and prioritize the real needs of their neighbors, and then create and fund projects to address them. 

Upcoming Individual Fundraisers

  • Scratch-off Fundraising Cards
  • Personal GoFundMe Campaign
  • York City Pretzel Lunch Sale
  • Fill the Umbrella


Upcoming Group Fundraisers

  • T-shirt Design Contest
  • Dinner Theater Contest (same play, different cast, who raises the most money wins)
  • Armchair Olympics

Let's start the journey together.

Click the link below to start the application process. The $10 participation fee will be waived in July.

The application will be mostly about you and a little about your child. Once your application in approved, we will send the link to join the EPIC Wealth Builder community. And then the wealth building will begin!

Become an EPIC Wealth Builder!

Not ready yet?

We understand signing up your children to rigorous programs can be scary. You don't need to make the decision now. But, we can send you information about upcoming fundraisers and events so you can keep an eye on us. We will even send you summary financial data on the Wealth Builders. We hope this will give you time to make up your mind.

“Money is multiplied in practical value depending on the number of W’s you control in your life: what you do, when you do it, where you do it, and with whom you do it.”

Tim Ferriss, Author, Podcaster, Investor, and has been listed as one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Business People”