Our Spanish courses are designed to break down language and cultural barriers between English speakers and Latinx community.  In the last 3 years, our live classroom courses have given hundreds of lawyers, teachers, doctors, nurses, and social service providers the opportunity to enhance their ability to communicate with their Latinx clients and customers.

Now, we are making the experience available to anyone through an online course.


Start & Learn on YOUR timeline.

Our EPIC Spanish program is now a subscription! That means you can start at any time. Learn at any time. And then join others to practice live online, or in-person when and where available!

How it works

Join our unique Spanish learning experience for $25 per month. A one-time $50 registration fee will be charged when you sign up. 

Then, you'll receive your log-in credentials and you can start learning. Simple as that!

Join us on Saturdays for as much practice as you'd like between 8am and 10:30am EST. 


Practice at your convenience

Follow the content in order or skip around based on your ability. Each curriculum section provides you a variety of video lessons and other media to learn skills. Then, join us for online or in-person (when scheduled) to practice.

Get out and Experience

Book learning without real application is only potential learning.  We'll give you frequent prompts to get out and use your new knowledge.

Make New Relationships

Even if you just make an attempt to speak to people in their native language, a bond is formed.  This makes it easier for you to foster long-lasting relationships.  Your job is to seek out opportunities that bring you into contact with Latinox in your community.  Use your new found skills to foster new friendships!