About EPIC Gallery

The EPIC Gallery joins the York XL EPIC family to tell a complete art story of York, particularly but not limited to minority voices. As we implement our EPIC Strategy, starting in the York City - Northeast Neighborhood, we hope to discover the hidden artists in our neighborhoods.
We will have limited gallery showings in light on Covid.

York County Artists - “Showing Our Work”


“We are artists who reside in York County. Our artwork is diverse and as dynamic as we are. We hope to engage you with our unique styles.”

If you’re interested in purchasing any of the paintings, please  contact:

Rosa Luz Catterall

717-578-5396 or Rosaluzartstudio.com

Girl with Veil, 2019

11 x 8.5 in
Medium: Resin over Alcohol Ink, Acrylic, On Canvas
Price: $120.00

There are so many challenges a human being can face and still stand strong. Girl is reminiscent of the mosaic of people I met growing up in a big city. I render her in a patterned veil, scarf, like ones that flooded New York City kiosks and markets where I grew up.
She is unveiled, and though stands behind sheers, vulnerable, she is poised, resisting to disappear from the vast space.
I chose shimmering gold and purple alcohol ink that that lace the dark acrylic background. The piece is preserved under non-yellowing resin.

Connections #2

Size (h w d): 24 x 24 x 1.5 in
Medium: Acrylic and On Canvas, mulberry lace paper
Price: $580.00

Our ability to keep and build strong connections with people and community today is challenged with COVID.
Painting in my process I started with markings, intuitively as a freeing unmasked action. As I progressed, I adapted to the form the painting took me choosing to ride it the strong reds later toned down with cooler layers of blue. I tie this to the feeling that resiliency requires adaptability.
The figures I also think about how people come into your life for a season, they impact you. Tiny squares moving around are like the migration to Puerto Rico my family did growing up which taught me many lessons of resilience and new ways to connect with people. Squares repeat in textured lace paper.

Black Rose Theory

Medium: Architecture
Price: $150

Some grow legs, and prosper all over the world. Letting others see what can come from what is perceived to be a wasteland, a life not certain to make it past 21.   

Some stay-put and serve as a tangible beacon in the environment from which one came. Shining bright and helping others push through the toughest of circumstances. 

The black rose, represents black life.   Appreciate the beauty.

Richard Craighead; Artist/Creative Director.

Beauty, Hope & Peace

Size – 24x24
Medium: Oil
Price $300

The different colors in this piece complement the beauty of this young lady deep in thought and meditation. The feelings of hope, piece, love, joy are captured in this piece.

These feelings of hope are helping to boost her feelings of positivity needed to keep her going in these challenging times.

African Masks

Size – 24x36
Medium Oil
Price $400

In this piece, these different masks interpenetrate into one another and often represent specific figures in tribal mythology, like a king. These masks are primarily carved from wood but can also be made of terracotta, glazed pottery, bronze, brass, copper, ivory or leather. The masks often represent prized regalias of the of the royal family from where they have come.  The Central figure in this piece ““The Festac face” was an icon in 1977 which celebrated African culture and showcased to the world African musicfine artliterature, drama, dance and religion bringing together over 16,000 people from 56 different countries. I selected these masks as a way to preserve and share special icons from a rich cultural heritage.

Ballerina Dreams

Size – 24x24
Medium: Oil
Price $350

Ballerina dreams is the story if a young lady who is aspiring to become a professional ballerina. Her hopes and dreams translates into bright colors that represent her dreams predicting future success. Her energy and determination is captured in this piece.