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The only vision worth working towards is the vision created by a neighborhood.


Empowerment comes from within a person and then extends to the community. We are here to support people and communities as they create a future of their own.



Supporting oppressed neighborhoods isn't as simple as getting rid of barriers. It also means coming to terms with the injustices that have been done and providing ways to heal and reconcile the harms done. We are here to create a common language for this to happen authentically.



The ultimate test of our collective efforts as service providers is the strength and health of the communities from which our customers come. We are here to help service providers create a unified plan that supports neighborhood visions.



EPIC is a platform that brings together residents of disenfranchised neighborhoods and organizations that seek to better serve them so that they can together, build trust and create a joint vision for creating neighborhoods that allow people to live healthy and successful lives. Using a two-pronged approach, Epic simultaneously:

  1. Challenges neighborhoods residents to work towards their own empowerment using the skills they already have to improve themselves and their neighborhoods
  2. Creates a space for diverse organizations to plan and measure initiatives that take into account the lived experiences and priorities of the neighborhood residents they seek to serve.

Guided by the Collective of Neighborhood Originals, a group of creative leaders, the community and the organizations create a unified plan that coordinates strategies, programs, and initiatives to support empowered neighborhoods.

Help neighborhoods help themselves

Impoverished neighborhoods are full of people with passion, skill, and grit. They make a life despite the huge barriers they face.  Each person has stories to tell and we want to listen to them. We're not out to /help/ anyone, except to help them use the skills they have already to create their own vision for their neighborhoods. Then, they with us and with other like-minded organizations can take the first steps. Together.

The Collective of Neighborhood Originals

The COLLECTIVE OF NEIGHBORHOOD ORIGINALS ("The Collective") is a group of "originals" that create platforms that simultaneously 1.) advocate for neighborhoods to empower themselves using the skills they already possess, and 2.) bring together organizations to work with neighborhoods to create neighborhood visions to use as a collective measuring stick to gauge both neighborhood empowerment and institutional success. The Collective plays the role of a neighborhood healer, broker, and custodian.

A Unified Plan

The health of neighborhoods is the ultimate measure of how well society is doing. If our neighborhoods aren't successful, it doesn't matter if we have a great downtown, lush parks, and fun events. The answer to "fixing"our neighborhoods isn't our fixing them at all. It is coming together to create a unified plan that allows us to fulfill our missions IN SERVICE to the future people want to create for their own neighborhoods.