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As forces came together to alleviate the trauma of Covid, we are working with neighborhoods to (re)create the platforms they need to become empowered.

The world upheaval this year has only magnified the importance of the work York XL is doing. For many of our chronically poor neighborhoods, the disruption of COVID and the lessons from #BlackLivesMatter is nothing new. It's the same trauma they have been experiencing for centuries. 
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Let's be


Exceptional communities made up of existing residents do not sprout up overnight.  But it is possible discover and create catalysts--people, projects, partnerships--that will have exponential effects.

Let's be

Happy & Healthy

Happy communities are a result of engaged people who have a seat at the table and who actively participate in continuous self and community improvement.

Lasting change does not happen from the top down, from the center out, or from the outside in; only genuine community involvement can sustain the good health of a community.

Let's be


Let's believe people are skillful, gritty, and passionate from the get go, and not in need of being "completed." Let's believe we have

Empowered People In (our) Communities.

About Us


It's fitting that York XL begun at a 2017 meeting of York residents sipping coffee on the second floor of i-ron-ic  Coffee Shop & Art Boutique, a York gem that welcomes all and believes that "the three key ingredients to creating the ultimate York experience are art, coffee, and community." Since then, dozens of people diverse in gender, orientation, race, ethnicity, income, religious beliefs, and political ideology have contributed their passions, ideas, sweat, and tears to create the York XL we are today.

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